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PHC Resolution 001
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[ Posted to full-disclosure mailing list by an unknown person who is not an
authoritive voice for PHC. This is an archive copy obtained from:

- Phrack High Council ]

PHC Resolution 001

To all American blackhats, anarchists, and semi-converted whitehat scum:-

How many of your friends, family, associates, will die for Oil in Iraq? How
many innocent middle eastern children must die so that America can maintain
its position as the world economic pacesetter? Do your weekly petrol and car
maintenance bills (read: 'way of life') mean so much to you that you are
willing to foster and provoke intense hatred from over 90% of the worlds'
population in pursuit of a Pax Americana?

Hated for the rest of your life?

Is this how you want to live? Hated? By the MAJORITY of the world?

Hated by even the westernized, 'free', US-like societies! Hated by the
MAJORITY of the world!

Do all the people that hate the USA, hate your way of life? Hate your
freedoms? Hate your societal, political and governance systems? Do you believe
the lies? Or do they simply see what you are unable or unwilling to see?

** A second Rome on the rise, headed by a bumbling, incoherent Caligula
flanked by a sub-human administration (Caveat Equidae!) **

There is one suitable course of action and reaction for those blessed with a
blackhat mindset and the appropriate testicular fortitude:

1. Owning as many US .gov, .mil and .us systems as possible.
2. Removing or corrupting as much US government data as possible.
3. Causing physical damage to hardware via software.

Result: fear, instability and technological uncertainty. Financial loss. HR
Loss. Loss of confidence, respect. Data loss.

It doesn't matter whether you own and destroy,, or

As long as you participate... As long as you cause distress and concern for
your victim, and create work for security and administration staff.. As long
as you are 'active', you will be doing your part to hinder the war machine of
the current US/world emperor. As long as your activities can be considered a
'cost' to the US government, in cashflow or human resource terms, you are
having an impact on the war effort. You are doing your bit, using whatever
talents you possess, to fight against neo-imperialism, corporatism,
globalization, economic elitism, de-humanization, ethnic cleansing, racism,
feudalism, hegemony and greed.

Any internet-based activity that will 'cost' the US government is to be
considered a valid weapon in this war against the NWO. This 'NWO' is no longer
a conspiracy theory or an exaggeration. The Bush administration and friends
are *seriously* attempting to control the world. Everyone with a high-school
diploma and a newspaper subscription is now aware of this shocking fact.

But what are YOU going to do about it?

What will you be telling your grandchildren when they ask 'what did you do
when america tried to take over the world in the early 2000's?'.

A number of articles were planned by the PHC detailing methods of causing real
financial loss to a victim through technological means. The focus of these
articles would be the world beyond 'rm -rf /'. Some virus, trojan and worm
authors would have a wealth of experience in this area - causing/creating bad
sectors on hard disks, overwriting flash memory in various devices, screwing
with PC bios, fucking with VDU refresh/sync rates, denial-of-service attacks
against printers, fax machines, pbx systems.. the list goes on and on.

All of these methods have traditionally been considered 'too lame' to use in
the real world. Apart from a few notable exceptions (chernobyl virus) there
have been very few cases of a software method in the 'wild' being used to
cause damage to hardware.

If you take the example of a peice of a code that can destroy a particular
peripheral device, beyond recovery... then 'distribute' that across an
organization where every workstation has that peice of hardware.. the costs of
recovering from such an attack are considerable, compared to the standard 'box
X got owned and defaced' investigation.

This is why we pursue this class of attack. This is the future of
'hacktivism', or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

Real damage.

Submissions are sought by the PHC (readers, fans and co-travellers) on the
subject of 'beyond rm -rf /'.

Techniques for causing REAL, SIGNIFICANT financial and resource loss to US
government through 'blackhat' means.

Why are we doing this? Protesting is basically illegal these days. The media
runs all stories by the whitehouse before publishing them. The 'opposition' in
the US government has never been so un-opposed to government policy as it is
today. The illusion of 'democracy' is all-pervading and (legally) irrefutable.
The average joe has no weaponry and no recourse to fight a class-war against
the ruling elites.

But we are not average joes.

Enquires should be directed to #phrack/efnet or to your local blackhat
representitive (LBR).

"It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the

-- Julius Caesar





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PHC Resolution 001
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